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FAQ Updates

Hi everyone! I'm one of your new resident FAQ editors. I just did a smackdown of everything on lj_userdoc's skip=20 page, and teshiron is going to be doing everything newer than that. Please let me know if you notice any typos or confusing wording or whatever. Also, if you posted an entry that's on skip=20 that I didn't comment on, that means that it was either something I couldn't handle or there weren't any comments/opinions on whether the change was needed (and I was indifferent on the matter). If you'd like to, you can repost this stuff and try to get more opinions.

I supposedly get one free post to the community, so I may do that at some point, if I have the time and remember to. :)

[link] FAQ 16 updated to include information about what happens to your comments and community entries when you delete your journal.

[link] FAQ 148 updated to add a sentence about 50 entries being the viewing limit when editing at /editjournal.bml.

[link] FAQ 64 updated to include information about &mode=tree (unfortunately, we can't change the information in the guide itself).

[link] FAQ 131 updated to remove the popwithfriends bullet point. I also reworded the part about syndication accounts/points, and split it into two bullet points since each one has its own FAQ associated with it. And, I changed "LiveJournal.com email address" to "LiveJournal.com e-mail fowarding address", and "post by email" to "post by e-mail". And I added the link to the post by e-mail FAQ next to the bullet point about it (it originally linked directly to /manage/emailpost.bml).

[link] FAQ 57 updated to include a link to the new Support Guide.

[link] [link] FAQ 183 updated to clarify what is meant by "caller ID", as well as to change "Phone Post number" to "Post by Phone access number", for consistency.

[link] FAQ 184 updated to change "Phone Post feature" to "Post by Phone feature".
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