Leora (leora) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Adding to friends list FAQ

This probably doesn't come up often, but I think FAQs should cover how to accomplish the task given any circumstances. If a friend deletes his/her journal you can't remove the person from your friends list through the normal method, but the person can still see your friends-only posts. This came up recently. I propose the following addition:

If someone you listed as a friend deletes his/her journal that person will not appear in your friends list but will still be able to read your friends-only posts. If you wish to remove that person from your friends list go to the console and type the following command:
friend remove <username>
filling in the person's username.
Example: friend remove bradfitz

You can list all of your friends, active and deleted by typing the following command at the console - deleted journals will have a D next to the name:
friend list

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