Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Azure Jane Lunatic

FAQ Translation update timestamp?

Recently on learn_support, someone (burr86, I think) said that they'd updated a FAQ (can't remember which one) to include something-or-other. I looked at it, and I saw no update.

We eventually hashed this out to be that I was looking at the UK English version of the FAQ, and they'd updated the American English FAQ, and it hadn't been translated over yet.

The problem: At the bottom of the FAQ file that I was reading, it was showing that this FAQ had been updated on that date by that user, when, in fact, the version of the FAQ that I was reading had undergone no change.

My idea: show on translated FAQ files that they have been translated (even if it's just correcting the spelling), and the date, and the user who did so, as well as showing when the master question has been updated. That way, it will be immediately obvious if the master version has been updated and the translated versions have not.

(I'm new here. I've been volunteering in Support for a bit.)
Tags: status-resolved

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