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Paid communities v. Paid personal journals

We need to fix the paid account benefits FAQ, because at the moment it is false advertising. Paid communities do not have all the benefits that paid personal journals do, but the FAQ makes it sound like all paid accounts can post phone posts or post by e-mail.

Communities soon won't be loginable, and everything the comm can do will be doable through the maintainer account.

But will this be true for everything? For example will the maintainer of a comm be able to post by e-mail or by phone to the account? Is it possible for us to come up with a list of what paid privaledges comms do and don't get?

Also, we get maintainers who pay for their communities so that they can post polls. If the comm is paid they have to log in as the comm, use the poll creator, copy the code, log in as their personal journal, paste the code and then post. Once comms cant be logged into they won't be able to do that. But if their personal journal is paid they can post a poll in a comm easily.

Example text:

* Ability to insert polls into your LiveJournal entries (
personal journals: yes
communities: no, but paid personal journals can post polls in all communities, both paid and free

See? There are three issues.

1) Can a paid personal journal do this?
2) Can a paid comm do this?
3) Can a paid personal journal use this for a comm?

Only, I don't know the full list for number 2 and have no idea how to write it. Ideas?
Tags: cat-levels, faq131, status-resolved

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