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UPI FAQ overhaul

Nearly all of the UPI FAQs are practically begging for updates and editing. (So are Embedding FAQs, but we'll get to that later. :))

After a couple of rounds of gathering opinions in support_upi, here's the rundown of the major overhaul we'd like to see. There's not (many) specific wording suggestions, so I'll leave that up to the fine community here as that's what you're best at. I can edit existing UPI FAQs once the dust has settled, but there are new FAQ proposals in this, and someone will need to create those, please. :)

FAQ1: What are user pictures? How do I upload them?
  • For some reason, "and go find" (paragraph 4, describing how to use the form) is bothering me. Better as "and find"?
  • Move paragraph 5 (what happens when extra userpic space package expires) to bottom, as is more logical to discuss the rest of the information first.
  • "there are a few volunteers" -> "there are volunteers"
  • Link to FAQ51: How do I delete a user picture I no longer want?, fix what is currently the third-to-last paragraph
  • Link to new FAQ on where to find userpics
  • Link to FAQ111, mentioning decency standards with regards to userpics.

FAQ180: How can I buy more user pictures?
  • Title change: "How can I buy more space for user pictures?"
  • Rewording throughout FAQ to be precise about what users can buy: space for userpics, not userpics themselves.
  • Move link to payment area below price listing.
  • Replace entirety of last two paragraphs with just the first sentence of second-to-last paragraph.
  • Link to new FAQ.
  • "If you do not have a paid account, see for information on how to purchase a paid account." -> "If you would like to purchase additional space for user pictures but do not have a paid account, see for information on how to purchase one."
  • Link to FAQ1.
  • Add link to /paidaccounts/status.bml so people can view when their extra userpics/paid account will expire.

FAQ98: Why are there errors when I try to upload a user picture?
  • Make dimensions and filesize limitations clearer.
  • Rework the file format issues, and don't use BMP as specific example (.ART is pretty common too, would prefer generalisation).
  • Change second sentence of second paragraph ("You can try converting...") to be more general (you can try to fix the problem yourself, or contact FAQ99).
  • Discuss the "invalid file" error.
  • Discuss "It gave me FOO error, so I fixed the problem, but the error won't go away!" (link to cache FAQ).
  • Link back to FAQ1.

FAQ46: How many user pictures can I have?
  • Remove info on extra-userpics-package to put in new FAQ. Link to new FAQ instead.
  • Make clear that you can't go above 50, you can only extend the time in which you can have a maximum of 50.

FAQ51: How do I delete a user picture I no longer want?
  • Retitle: add "What happens when I delete a user picture?"
  • Better explain what happens.
  • Link to keyword FAQ.

FAQ99: Who can help me create/edit a user picture?
  • Change "create/edit" to "create or edit".

FAQ95: How do I post using a different user picture? What are keywords?
  • Change title: "post using" -> "use".
  • Remove the bit on quotes, as it no longer applies.
  • Explain what happens when keywords are altered.
  • Briefly explain that keywords affect userpic deletion, link to deletion FAQ.
  • Link to a styles FAQ about making userpics show up per-entry with a tie-in to keywords.

NEW FAQ: What happens to my user pictures when my paid account or additional space expires?
  • Take info from FAQ180 & FAQ46 to create this FAQ.
Note: I'm not absolutely 100% set on the title, so suggestions on that are certainly welcome.

NEW FAQ: Where can I find user pictures?
  • Making one on their own, using an image editing program
  • Finding one (with copyright warning)
  • Contacting Userpics Team w/link to FAQ99
  • Relink back to FAQ1

Any further suggestions are also welcome.

(Note that I'd like to hold off on a "how do I credit" FAQ until the "userpic comment" patch goes through.)
Tags: cat-userpics, faq1, faq180, faq193, faq194, faq46, faq51, faq95, faq98, faq99, status-resolved

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