Rogue (ex_shattered767) wrote in lj_userdoc,

A suggestion

I was directed here by the suggestions community, so don't shoot me! ;)

I have a suggestion for a couple changes to the "Most-Requested FAQs" section on the main support page.

It seems as if most people skip right past this section on the support page and just submit a question to tech support. Over and over and over again, questions pour in for the same simple things that are covered in the "Most-Requested FAQs" section. It is terribly inefficient to answer all these questions with "please see the referenced FAQ page" while you're thinking "if only you had read the darn FAQs...lazy people."

So, I propose that this section be moved to a different spot on the support page, such as at the top of the page. Also, maybe it could get an attention-grabbing title, such as "Read this list before proceeding!" in red letters, or something like that.

Additionally, I am suggesting that "How do I delete/close my LiveJournal account?" be added to the list. This question seems to come in to tech support about 5 times an hour, and nobody wants to answer it repeatedly just because people are too lazy to check the FAQs.

1) This will cut down on the number of questions sent in to tech support.
2) It will help users get the answers they need faster.
3) Tech support volunteers will be able to devote more time to answering questions that aren't covered in the FAQ, making overall service better and faster.

1) The Support page will have to be redone.
2)There will still be people who will ignore the list no matter what.

This should be fairly easy to impliment - all that is needed is the rewriting/editing of a single page.

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