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Weekly (sort-of) FAQ updates!

This week's FAQ updates, in no particular order:

  • [link] Changes made to various S1 customization FAQs to include links to FAQ 174 after each mention of modify.bml.

  • [link] FAQ 174 reworded slightly for style reasons.

  • [link] Reworked FAQ 145 to make it clearer as to which layouts are reserved for Paid, Permanent, and Early Adopter accounts. Also removed the link to FAQ 168 and added information about customized comment pages. Replaced the list of reserved layouts in FAQ 170 with a link to FAQ 145.

  • [link] Added the new S2 layout "Haven" to FAQ 171.

  • [link] Changed "Paid or Permanent account status" to "account type" in FAQ 25.

  • [link] Added a line to FAQ 70 which says communities have calendars too.

  • [link] Added <em> and <strong> to the list of tags acceptable in a poll in FAQ 69. Also cleaned up some whitespace issues around the section headings.

If someone S2-knowledgable could look at the list of options in the second half of FAQ 171 as suggested here and make a new top-level post with a list of any changes/additions to be made, it would be appreciated. ladybirdsleeps said there were some layouts missing under some of the options, but I don't know which are reserved for paid accounts.

If I missed anything else, please make a new top-level post to bring it up for discussion again.
Tags: cat-accounts, cat-customize, cat-entries, cat-features, cat-s1, smackdown, status-resolved

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