scientaestubique (scientaestubiqu) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Documentation for non-developers - Not for FAQs

marksmith is interested in getting more documentation created for non-developers:

Is there anything in particular that people want/need?

I want more documentation for Zilla that isn't for developers, like setting preferences, and how LJ uses Zilla in it's processes.

Ideally some workflows would be great too, like the lifecycle of a bug, lifecycle of a suggestion.

If anyone can link to this post in lj_support (I don't have posting access) it'd be much appreciated.

Edit: this is not documentation for users (ie. FAQs), it's for volunteers, in particular those that fall outside of the realm of developers.

I'm most looking for workflows that people would like, of the Software Development Life Cycle at LJ.

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