Janine (janinedog) wrote in lj_userdoc,

FAQ Updates

Here are the FAQ updates since a week and a half ago. I commented on everything in between the last update and this one, but if no update came about from your post, feel free to re-post it if you have more to add or suggest.

[link] FAQ 134 updated to include information about the appearance of screened comments in S2 (previously, it only contained information about them in S1).

[link] FAQ 69 updated to remove the mention of the <lj comm> tag, since it's no longer documented or needed.

[link] FAQ 104 updated to include a note about how Support volunteers will not help people put links to their journals in their off-site profiles.

[link] [link] FAQ 131 updated to include information about the new option to allow comments that you post be e-mailed to you, and also to include information about popwithfriends.bml, which has returned.
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