Tribeless Nomad (tribelessnomad) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Tribeless Nomad

Woohoo, a vacation!

I'm going to take a break from LJ work over the holidays. I've been telling management that I didn't want to continue if my plans for the XML-based documentation project continue to be shelved. However, I've been persuaded to wait and see what happens when Brad gets back from his vacation. So I'll just sit things out for a while, in an effort to keep both sanity and hope alive.

My absence shouldn't mean that FAQ maintenance will be on hold. I meddle in FAQ issues a lot, because at present they are not just Support FAQs: many are also drafts of what will later be XML-based Guides. Despite that, FAQ maintainers are always free to respond to new needs on their own, with very few restrictions.

Thanks to everyone who helps out here, and happy holidays to all!

Time to decorate the tree ... :)

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