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FAQ Updates...

  • [link] FAQ 14 updated to include information on more items which are restricted from journal entries and styles.

  • [link] FAQ 47 updated to clarify that when trying to add memories with comments disabled, links to the read comment pages can be found on the calendar's monthly view. Also added a line stating that some S2 styles have the red heart icon next to the entry on the journal itself.

  • [link] FAQ 76 slightly changed to indicate that posting instructions are in FAQ 76, not in the FAQ referenced in the first paragraph.

  • [link] Small change to FAQ 104 in the paragraph about outside profiles. Last paragraph of FAQ 24 largely replaced with a link to FAQ 188. FAQ 102 changed to replace the paragraph explaining public and private friends groups for better clarity.

There was a proposal for a browser upgrade guide FAQ this week, and during discussion the consensus was that the browser upgrade guide should go to howto_userdoc and that a "which browsers are most compatible with LiveJournal" FAQ was in order. A proposal is needed for that new FAQ.

Also, if someone knowledgable about the new friend-of list user removing by banning thingy could read through the discussion about adding it to the FAQs and answer the questions I proposed at the bottom, I can add that information to FAQ 185.
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