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FAQ Updates

As always, feel free to post about any changes you'd like to see about these updates, or about other stuff that I didn't update because there wasn't suggested wording or a consenus, etc.

[link] FAQ 195 has been created: How do I import my entries from another journaling site to my LiveJournal? (if you want to suggest a different title, go ahead and post a new entry in the community...we didn't have a title suggested, so we made one)

[link] FAQ 149 has been edited to include the /community/ versions of the RSS/Atom feed URLs, as well as the /users/ versions.

[link] FAQ 185 has been pretty much entirely rewritten to include new information about hiding your Friends Of by banning.

[link] FAQ 193 has been edited to describe the new behavior of allpics.bml; specifically, inactive userpics are now only visible to the owner of an account.

[link] FAQ 78 has been edited to clarify that you can convert a personal journal that used to be a community back into a community without deleting all of the entries in it.

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