Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

bunch of FAQ update suggestions

When code goes live (whenever that is) there's a bunch of stuff that needs to be updated, and some other stuff that may need to be updated.

* [FAQ61] A mutual FO list will be added, so if you select that option on editinfo, you'll see "Mutual FO", and then the regular (one-way) "FO" list. Otherwise, they'll be combined into one list. The FO list can always be hidden, but if you show your Mutual FO list, then that can't be hidden separately from the FO list.

* [FAQ75] You can disable the functionality of lj-cut on your friends page or on your lastn. Cuts won't be respected, and you'll see all the material without the cut, if you so prefer. Just go to the console and execute
set opt_ljcut_disable_lastn 1 [for community]
set opt_ljcut_disable_friends 1 [for community]

* [FAQ47] There's a new way to delete memories, from what I understand -- you'll be able to see checkboxes next to each memory, and you can check off the memories and delete them that way. This fixes the problem where you couldn't delete memories from deleted journals.

* Maintainers can no longer add users to their communities. Users must request to be added, by way of the join link on the userinfo page. It'll send an email to the maintainers (or notify them on /comm/manage.bml), and then the maintainer has to add them.
-- FAQ77, wording change in 7th paragraph
-- FAQ101 needs to be updated to say how users can join closed comms,
-- FAQ79 needs to be updated to say that maints can't add, users need to request.
-- FAQ80 needs to be almost entirely re-written, probably, to just discuss how to use /comm/manage, maybe?

So! Discuss -- especially the lj-cut one (is that one necessary?). Once code goes live, I (or one of the more bunneh docadmins) will make the necessary changes. Any wording suggestions, etc, are greatly appreciated. :)

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