i'm just a stupid fuck with brilliant luck (acerbic) wrote in lj_userdoc,
i'm just a stupid fuck with brilliant luck

FAQ 69 re: paid comms

Hi there lovely userdoc folks. I know that someone's got a ton of work to do in the next whomp, so I'm adding one more tiny thing.

69 (adding a poll to a journal entry) really could use a blurb about how free user maintainers of paid communities can post polls in that community. I'm thinking something like this, which someone will surely tear apart and that's fine by me:

Paid users can create polls in their own journals, as well as in any community journals (whether free or paid) that they have posting access to. Free users may only vote in polls. Maintainers of a paid community who have a free account are an exception to this and may post polls in that community. They must write the code manually, as instructed below. Anyone who is not a maintainer of a paid community and is a free user may still only vote in polls.

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