Janine (janinedog) wrote in lj_userdoc,

FAQ Updates

Remind me never to wait three weeks to do FAQ updates. I did everything up through yesterday (Thursday, April 22nd).

[link] FAQ 91 and FAQ 92 were updated to explain that backdated entries don't appear in one's RSS and Atom feeds.

[link] FAQ 113 was updated to clarify that an @livejournal.com e-mail address is not a separate e-mail account, and also to change a few instances of email to e-mail.

[link] FAQ 178 and FAQ 131 were updated to remove information about syndication points, and FAQ 153 was hidden from view.

[link] FAQ 185, FAQ 20, and FAQ 84 were all updated to include information about ban_list, in some form or another.

[link link] FAQ 169 was updated to include Haven in the list of styles that support Link Lists, and FAQ 171 was updated to include Digital Multiplex as a style that supports Page summaries.

[link] FAQ 148 was updated to include information about the maximum number of poll questions and options allowed.

[link] FAQ 192 was edited to make the first sentence clearer.

[link] Lots of Abuse FAQs were updated or rewritten.

[link] FAQ 91 was changed to move the last paragraph to the top of the FAQ, and the wording was changed a bit.

[link link] FAQ 137 was totally rewritten, since adding syndicated accounts is different now.

  • FAQ260, V-Gifts

    FAQ260 still mentions that the last ten Virtual Gifts received are displayed on your Profile page.

  • filtering Friends Page by tags

    Perhaps I am just missing something, but I combed through the FAQs and couldn't find a reference to the feature that lets you exclude or only track…

  • Needs more information

    FAQ 338 has some info on the "suspicious comments" thing, but I think it needs expansion. 1) People don't realize that once/if a comment has been…

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