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Proposal: Addition to FAQ.

(Under the "Accounts" category.)

Somebody who has never updated their journal has the username that I want!
On Support page: Desired username taken

At present, it is LiveJournal's policy not to delete inactive accounts. Some individuals use their journals in order to keep up with friends who post friends-only entries, so deleting such journals may harm those users who are actually using their accounts. In addition, many people who have already created accounts but not used them yet have been known to come back and use their journals at a later date.

Technically, the disk space that would be recovered from a purge of inactive accounts is not needed, as LiveJournal has enough storage space for these journals.

Try thinking of variations on the username that you desire.
For example:
- Add numbers at the beginning or end of the name
- Change any instances of the letter "o" with the number zero
- Separate parts of the name with underscores ("_")

(This was inspired by some recent questions on the support board, specifically this and this.)
Update: This post in lj_dev is related.
Also, should I emailing this suggestion to somebody?

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