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Meta type Question

I don't know who the maintainers for this comm are; so thought I'd ask something I was wondering about here, via an entry (I can look up who has changefaq privs but that's not the same thing. =>). Additionally, perhaps someone else was wondering just the same thing!

I wondered about amendments suggested through comments (i.e. in entries about specific FAQs or sets thereof). I see some of them get responded to (and changes subsequently added/made or not added/made as the case may be) and some which don't get commented on. Perhaps they're lost among the new posts? It may simply be that it's unreasonable to expect a response on every suggestion from all users (I don't necessarily mean reasons, perhaps just added v. nopes)? With bugs for example there's a tracking system so people know what's up - which I do hasten to add I don't think we need anything like here :o).

I just wondered what the lowdown was though on stuff suggested in comments to posted entries but which don't make their way into FAQs as changes and which aren't commented on by the OP'er or a changefaqfaq-prived person (I realise only members with relevant privs can edit faqs regardless).
I'm guessing it means "Thank you for your submission dear user. We have considered your proposals. At this time we have decided not to make your suggestions part of official site policy" (and yep I know strictly speaking only the TOS is... ;p).
It could mean the amendment adds nothing and isn't a very good suggestion or that its basis is wrong/suggestion is incorrect etc. Or it could mean nobody read the suggestion or considered it and might otherwise have enthusiastically included the proposed change. How do we know? A logical assumption seems to be it was read and was decided against for incorporating as a change by (e.g) the OP and if that's the assumption to take... no problem. But I thought I should ask. :D

I checked the memories for this community and didn't see anything so I was just wondering what the position was on stuff suggested that gets neither commented on (nor added in w/out comment) or 'mongoosed'. Also, though I wonder about comments I make, I ask this not just with specific reference to my own suggestions but generally, too.

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