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FAQ Updates, April 24-26

Yes, I know, that's only two days worth of updates, but there were a LOT of FAQs in there to update. I'll get to the rest (April 27-present) later.

  • [link] About LiveJournal category updates:
    • Removed /doc/tour link from FAQ 56, as well as a couple of slight wording changes.
    • Added a link to /site/accounts.bml to FAQ 5, and changed link to 104 to a link to 21, as it better fits the subject of FAQ 5.
    • Edited the second paragraph of FAQ 118 to update that LiveJournal now has over 3 million accounts, and reworded the latter half of the paragraph to make it less redundant overall.
    • Changed the title of FAQ 164 from "How can I..." to "How do I..."
    • Updated FAQ 125 to replace "userinfo" with "User Info" in the text, and also added information that regularly reading lj_support is required for active support volunteers.

  • [link] Site Navigation Features category changes:
    • FAQ 132: Merged the paragraphs regarding browser settings. Also moved the link to FAQ 57 to the end of the FAQ.
    • FAQ 135: Changed log out reference to be non-scheme specific but still tells people where to look for the button. Merged the "If you have a dialup ISP" sentence with the preceding paragraph.
    • Merged the second and third paragraphs of FAQ 159.
    • Added section headings to FAQ 47.

  • [link] Accounts category changes:
    • FAQ 104: Removed first sentence. Removed HowTo link (and its containing sentence). Reworked latter half of FAQ to make it a bulleted list, including a small parenthetical comment that explans exactly what "updating your journal" means.
    • FAQ 167: Changed /friends/add.bml link to a /userinfo.bml link in the last paragraph.
    • FAQ 16: Moved the sentence about undeleting to the end of the first paragraph, and changed the beginning of the second paragraph to reflect the change. Changed last paragraph to capitalize Paid Accounts (but not paid time).
    • FAQ 71: Changed title to "How do I choose a secure password? How do I keep my account secure?" Removed the horizontal separator and added section headings. Rearranged the bullet points in the first section.
    • FAQ 38: Changed FAQ 128 link to a faqcat=customize link.
    • FAQ 18: Reworded sentence to make it clearer that you cannot change your password if you're not validated.

  • [link] FAQ 197 edited to remove the paragraph about community invitations, since they are no longer a LiveJournal feature.

More updates to come later.

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