Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

[paidaccounts] FAQ suggestions

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with one category a day; AP exams got in the way and have been draining me of all my energy. But today I feel productive! These suggetions are brought to you by the Paid Accounts FAQ category

Throughout all these FAQs, we should probably standardize to "Paid Account"

[FAQ21] How do I buy a paid account?
-- s/paid account/Paid Account/; throughout the FAQ
-- first paragraph, change "for information on" to "for a list of"
-- remove second link to /pay/

[FAQ44] How do I buy a paid account for somebody else?
-- s/paid account/Paid Account/; throughout the FAQ
-- second paragraph, second sentence, remove "easily"
-- replace last three paragraphs with the last four from FAQ21, which appears to be more updated

[FAQ114] What happens to my paid account when it expires?
-- s/paid account/Paid Account/; throughout the FAQ
-- remove link to FAQ21 in fourth paragraph, maybe put it at the beginning?
-- replace end link to /userinfo.bml with http://www.livejournal.com/paidaccounts/status.bml

[FAQ69] How do I add a poll to a journal entry?
-- merge first two paragraphs together
-- merge paragraphs four and five together, and then also say "you can also code it by hand" somewhere, 'cause it says "there are two ways to create a poll"
-- turn "Things to Remember" into "THINGS TO REMEMBER", remove the horizontal line below it, and make everything else a bulleted list

[FAQ64] How do I create a custom mood theme?
-- needs to be updated when http://www.livejournal.com/manage/moodthemes.bml goes live (pretty much re-written, I believe)

I don't have any suggestions for any of the FAQs toward the bottom of the list, since they're all fairly new (a couple months? :P). Mainly, the whole "paid account" versus "Paid Account difference.

If there are other comments about FAQs in this category, please feel free to throw them this way *points to the comments links* :P

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