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FAQ Updates, Apr. 23, Apr 27-May 5

No, I did not just post this to my own journal.

This is another round of FAQ updates, including the stuff I missed from April 23rd in my last update, up to May 5th—more to come later. Because of the patchwork way I've been doing these updates, it's possible that I've missed something. If you posted something (or made a suggested change in comments) on or before May 5th, and it hasn't been addressed yet, please make a new post to bring the matter up for discussion again.

Now, here's the updates:

  • [link] FAQ 69 updated to indicate that a maintainer of a paid community may post polls in that community regardless of the maintainer's account type. Also, the heading style used was updated to match that used in a majority of the other FAQs.

  • [link] Updates to FAQs 195, 69, and 62:
    • FAQ 69 updated again to indicate that non-LJ users cannot vote in LJ polls.
    • FAQ 62 had a paragraph added to explain what the Comments Posted and Received line on the User Info page means.

  • [link] FAQs 79, 80, and 101 were updated to explain the new types of community membership restrictions: open, moderated, and closed.

  • [link] FAQ 120 was reworked to make it clear that it applies to changing all prior entries to any security level; and also the wording in the "for community" section about minsecurity was updated. The horizontal separators were also replaced with section headings to improve readability. Also, the title was changed to "How do I make all my journal entries Friends-Only, Private, or Public?"

  • [link] The text of FAQ 142 below the horizontal separator was removed, to prevent user confusion regarding invite codes. I've saved a copy of the original text, if anyone should need or want a copy.

  • [link] RSS versions:
    • FAQ 137 was updated to add a list of the RSS versions supported by LiveJournal's syndication feature.
    • FAQ 149 was updated to indicate that the RSS feeds of LiveJournal accounts are RSS 2.0.

  • [link] FAQ 151 now includes information on the maximum allowed size of a syndicated feed.

  • [link] FAQ 21 now has a disclaimer that paid time is neither transferrable nor refundable.

If I've made any typos, please comment and let me know. Other issues should be brought up in a new post to the community. Thanks!

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