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Right on the heels of the validation suggestion, here's a related one...

Er..maybe I should introduce myself..Hi, I'm Megara..I've recently gotten (tried to get?) involved in LJ more, so here I am..This is my first post to the community, so if I didn't put it in the right format or something, feel free to whup me upside the head ^^;

Okay, anyway, this is my idea. Yesterday we had TONS of support queries coming in saying "My userpics aren't updating" or "My personal info won't change" and so on, and so on, because of the server overload that was going on. I recommend we add a new FAQ called "Why Aren't My Changes Working?"
The text of the FAQ could be something like this:

If you have tried repeatedly, following the instructions in the appropriate FAQ, to modify your personal info, user pictures, friends list, style, or style overrides with no success, don't despair. You're probably not doing anything wrong.
Sometimes Livejournal's servers get overloaded with too much traffic, especially the free servers. When this happens, not much works. Your changes look like they go through, but the database doesn't actually accept them, and so nothing is changed. If this happens to you, wait a few hours and try making your changes again.

Then we could add something at the bottom like "If you REALLY want to fix the problem, just send all your money to Brad so he can buy nifty LJ servers and stuff." ;)

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