FunBux™ Commissioner (gerg) wrote in lj_userdoc,
FunBux™ Commissioner

Proposal for new FAQ re: latest_optout

Full title: "Can I prevent my posts from appearing on the Recent Entries page?"

Category: Working with Other Sites, I suppose, as that's where the "How do I stop my journal from going on search engines" question is.

Synopsis: Document the set latest_optout console command.


I'm not a FAQ writer/editor/foo, so I won't write a whole thing out (unless I should? I don't quite know how this works.) Basically, we just need to document that going to the console and running "set latest_optout yes" will stop your public entries from being put on the latest entries page and RSS feed, and it will also prevent your entries from being scanned for images to be put into the latest images RSS feed.

As referenced in the changelog post, you can turn it back on by running "set latest_optout no". I also think the final rev of this should include something telling the users that public posts can be read by anyone anyway, and that if they want privacy to look at that FAQ category for more information.

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