Neverending Story (decadence1) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Neverending Story

Various FAQs in different FAQ sections, so no subject line :). The following are thoughts on newly updated FAQs, either entirely new points or items I've posted before but am re-highlighting just in case they were overlooked rather than disregarded for one reason or another. :)

FAQ 114
Possibly add info about what happens if you’re using a Paid style e.g. Component, once paid time expires. I vaguely remember seeing that info somewhere... but may have imagined it. This is in the same vein as how we explain what happens to extra userpictures.

FAQ 187 If instead you wish to make an audio post, please see ...
This seems pretty random, kinda off-topic to the rest of the FAQ?

[Link] Refers to FAQ 101 and FAQ 79. These've been updated a lot recently with all the community changes but the phrasing that comment discusses is still current (comment also refers to TOS which is not so userdoc-y).

[Link] Refers to FAQ 125. Highlighting the howto_userdoc description part.

FAQ 7 Contains a link to (S1) Howto directly, but not S2Howto.

FAQ 16 Suggest point added to address 'So when I undelete, will my Friends list have been preserved?'.

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