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Hm...new FAQ/revising old FAQ?

Thanks bunches to kyrielle for setting me straight on my last post..

Okay. I reccomend we add a FAQ called "Why aren't my changes appearing right away?"

"Sometimes Livejournal's databases -especially the ones serving the free accounts- get overloaded. When this happens, not much seems to work correctly.

If you get a "success" message after modifying any part of your journal, only to have your previous settings restored immediately after refreshing the page, don't despair. You're probably not doing anything wrong. Your changes have gone through to the master database, it's just that the other databases haven't been updated yet, and so your changes don't show up.

The best thing to do if this happens to you is wait. Don't resubmit your modifications, as that will only overload the servers further. In a few hours, your changes will appear."

If we don't add an entirely new FAQ for this issue, can we revise an older FAQ? maltor suggested revising FAQ 116 - "I'm having problems accessing pages on LiveJournal. Why is this?"...I think that's a good place to put this info, but I think the title should be changed - I don't think most users will realize that "accessing pages on Livejournal" and "making changes to my journal - especially when I get a 'success' message and not a 'server timed out' message" are the same.

Thanks for listening ^^

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