Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

comm FAQ changes

Discussion with Kristan and code changes present the following:

FAQ78: How do I create a community? overhauled with new information on how to create a community, it won't have a password, use "work as user". Thanks to kamara and isabeau for the text.

FAQ79: What are the various membership and posting settings for communities? reorganized with bullet points and stuff to make it easier to read.

FAQ84: How do I remove or ban a member of my community? prettified. Console commands for removing membership/posting access were removed, since we want to encourage users to use the /comm/manage.bml page

FAQ93: I no longer want my community. What are my options? prettified, * removed, etc. No real content changes.

Any comments about any of the comm-manage FAQs can go here.

All that's left is a blurb/FAQ about invites.

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