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Howdy folks. It's been a while since I've smuck down on userdoc, so here we go. If I've missed anything relating to these particular changes, or if I screwed something up, please post a comment. If you made a suggestion and it hasn't yet been dealt with, please feel free to post it as a new top-level post in this community.

[link] FAQ201 added, "How do I mark a comment as spam? What does this option do?"

[link] FAQ148 updated with limitations on lastn view

[link] comms FAQs overhauled

[link] FAQ33 updated to say that update.bml uses a 24-hour clock

[link] FAQ125 added mention of S2HowTo by howto_userdoc's description

[link] FAQ16, added mention that when you undelete, everything's the same.

[link] FAQ30 updated to say that lj_textmessage also deals with problems with text messaging.

[link] FAQ148 updated to say max 30 custom friends groups

[link] a boatload of changes to the comm-manage FAQs.

[link] FAQ62 renamed to "What are comments? How do I enable/disable message boards?" and massively facelifted.

[link] FAQ23 renamed to "How do I control who can post comments in my journal?" and now includes general info on changing who you allow comments from, and added a blurb about banning a specific user.

[link] FAQ22 gutted out, category removed, and linked back to FAQ62, since that FAQ now covers everything. I saved a copy of the old text.

I didn't touch some things -- like the mood theme maker or community invites -- since (a) the mood theme maker is broken; (b) Kristan's gonna deal with community invites. :)

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