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[FAQ 104 - New Accounts] Getting old translations updated...

Pardon me if this isn't the right community to post this to, but it's most certainly userdoc related.

A recent support request asked how to generate an invite code to create a new journal. The request was answered with a, "get with the times, there are no invite codes anymore!", but then the user pointed out that the FAQ still said that she needed to generate a code. I scratched my head, submitted three wrong answers, then realized that the user was looking at the FAQ in a different language...

...(in English) is correct and up-to-date.

...(in French) still tells users that they need to generate invite codes to create a new account (and contains broken HTML for a link, but that's an aside). I'm guessing that there may be other languages where this FAQ is outdated, too. How does this get fixed?

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