Peter Evselyev (doommaster) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Peter Evselyev

Suggestions for minor FAQ corrections

FAQ 75: How do I use an lj-cut? What are the other LiveJournal-specific tags?

"will take you the 64th FAQ" -> "will take you to the 64th FAQ"

FAQ 72: How do I alter the appearance of my text? How do I make text bold, italic or centered?

PREVIEW section (including BE CAREFUL warning) deals with comments only. That's obsolete since preview is available for creating/editing entries. Additionally, preview is not available with Quick Reply (unless you press More Options button).

FAQ 106: My account has been suspended! How can I get it back?

"breakins" -> "break-ins"

In old times, the third paragraph suggested users to send email to Nowadays, the paragraph still bears the marks of the old times. I suggest the following wording to smooth those "wrinkles". The things I changed are underlined.
If you have good reasons for unsuspension of your journal, please go to Type in the email address that has been validated for your journal and select the option "My journal was suspended / I received a communication from the Abuse Team". You will be asked for your username after you press Begin button. For security purposes, the Abuse team can communicate regarding a journal only with the owner of the email address that has been validated for that journal. In some cases, particularly those involving a dispute about who the legitimate owner of a journal is, we may require you to write from the address that was first validated on your LiveJournal account.
As you can see, I suggested one more thing. The Report Abuse page looks confusing for suspended users. I can say I'm a LiveJournal user but then my password will not be accepted. I can provide email address but then I should say I'm not a user. What should I do? So, I suggest FAQ to explain this point. Actually, it's only my guess that user should provide email address. May be he/she shouldn't bother about filling in those fields because he/she will be asked for username after pressing Begin button?

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