Neverending Story (decadence1) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Neverending Story

[UPI] FAQ #99 / FAQ #1

FAQ #1 » What are user pictures? How do I upload them?
Should you require any help creating or editing a user picture, there are volunteers willing to help you. See for details.

FAQ #99 » Who can help me create or edit a user picture?
The Userpics Team is a community of several volunteers that are willing to help you create or edit a userpic. You can view the Userpics Team's Community Info by visiting .

Suggest: Para. in FAQ #1 edited to "Should you require any help creating or editing a user picture, the Userpics team consists of volunteers willing to help you. See for details". Or similar/better.

Rationale: Within a support query, if a user requests help on what they must do to make the picture they wish to use successfully fit requirements; referral to FAQ #99 may cause them confusion over support volunteers vs. Userpics team volunteers. Viz., a volunteer redirecting when they are themself a volunteer (in eyes of user). The Support response can be worded so as to avoid that possibility somewhat e.g. (pthalogreen: ...FAQ referenced above also contains information on how to contact a team of volunteers who can help you with this.); but minor FAQ reword would increase clarity/decrease possiblity of confusion.</a>

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