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FAQ Updates

Here's the FAQ Updates since the last one. As always, feel free to suggest changes to these (though, if they're big changes, they'd be better in a new post).

burr86 will be creating two new FAQs at some point, probably later today. He'll post about them when he does them.

Also, I just wanted to thank everyone who contributes to this community. It's great that you guys will suggest changes to current FAQs and write up totally new ones when they're needed, and don't leave everything up to the FAQ editors to decide. It makes things a lot easier and quicker. So, thank you. :)

[link] FAQ 172 was updated to include more S2 resources, and make it as useful for S2 info as FAQ 138 is for S1 info.

[link] FAQ 75 was updated to include the new lj:// link tags. This portion of the FAQ really needs more organization now there's a lot of the lj:// things...if you have any suggestions for how to organize it, feel free to post a new entry in the community.

[link] FAQ 78 was updated to include information about how to convert a personal account to a community, in addition to the encouraged method of creating a community the Create Community page.

[link] FAQ 93 was updated to remove the instructions on coverting a community to a personal account, as that cannot be done anymore.

[link] FAQ 80 and FAQ 101 were updated to explain how to invite users to your community and how to accept invites, respectively.

[link] FAQ 101 was updated to remove the first paragraph, which said that you had to have a LiveJournal account in order to join a community. While this is still necessary, it's not needed in the FAQ since the site tells you that you need to be logged in if you try to join a community while logged out.

[link] FAQ 25 was updated to note that renames cannot be undone, and the old username is made unavailable for future renames and new account creations.

[link] A typo was fixed in FAQ 75. Also, FAQ 72 was updated to make the headings nicer, and to fix the "PREVIEW" section to include both entries and comments (it originally only included comments). Also, I took out the "BE CAREFUL" blurb, which said that some browsers lose your text if you click back, so you should save it in a text editor before posting. Though that text might be useful somewhere (I have the text saved), it's pretty silly in this FAQ. Feel free to post suggesting where it should go, if anywhere.

[link] FAQ 149 was updated to note that data feeds don't include backdated entries.

[link] FAQ 7 was updated to include information about customizing your communities (and the title was changed to reflect that as well).

[link] The information on hiding your Friend of list was moved from FAQ 61 to FAQ 185, and a link to 185 was added to 61.

[link] FAQ 99 and FAQ 1 were updated to clarify that the Userpics Team creates and edits userpics for people, but does not teach people how to do so.

[link] FAQ 148 updated to note that the number of memories and memory keywords allowed is unlimited.

Also, according to comments here, the new moodtheme editor should be working now. Does anyone want to write a proposed change to FAQ 64?

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