Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

End of Quarter!

Now that we're at the end of the quarter -- at least, if we go by GMT -- I thought I'd take a moment to say thank you to all of you who help out around here. We aren't as regimented as our brethren over in Support are, but that's because our work occurs in a community rather than in on the Support board.

However! Based on comment data for the past three months, the people listed behind the cut have provided input in the form of comments. I'm hoping that I got everyone who contributed here -- I'm assuming that if someone posted at least one post, they've made at least one comment as well.

janinedog, burr86, decadence1, halfawake, teshiron, acerbic, vanbeast, pthalogreen, pne, spug, jshado_1, swelegant, rho, asciident, alsatia, rahaeli, daveman692, isabeau, redbird, hfx_ben, kunzite1, whitaker, jc, tinyjo, kamara, fridgemagnet, jennieknits, azurelunatic, leora, boredinsomniac, mortaine, snarkbite, xtremesaints, erin, beginning, camomiletea, jlbmedia, damnitnicole, jennifer, ladybirdsleeps, gooner, legomymalfoy, mizanchan, henningz, legolas, seaofdestiny, livredor, wyntarvox, suckswhen, ryanfitz, skreidle, pirogoeth, gerg, ladydiana, docwho88, bluemoonshark, jproulx, ranger1, swerved, marksmith, doommaster, defygenre, braindrain, opal1159, the_average_joe, sunjoy, voodootwo2, karen2205, sqrfruit, aajwind, eclips1st, makc666, timwi, mendel, kirylin, iicarrii, whiterabbitt, arie, electric_plato, highway, bleything, redfarmer, yme2007, queerbychoice, brandon_scott, bubba, stryder, xb95, raventhon, eddie_offermann, kevin, conuly, folk, joyitude, nerosmaster, algeh, cadenzamuse

So! Thank you to all of you who help out here in lj_userdoc. Everyone who makes a post, everyone who comments, everyone who makes changes -- your help is appreciated and the LiveJournal documentation wouldn't be what it is without your help! Thanks. :)

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