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FAQ Updates, 6/22/04 to present

It's been a while, but here's the changes:

  • [link] FAQ 130 completely re-worked to clarify remote loading issues, as well as other common reasons images don't display.

  • [link] FAQ 120 updated to include information on how to post a friends-only banner.

  • [link] Information about S2 layout Unearthed added to FAQ 171.

  • [link] FAQ 64 was rearranged to add information about the custom mood theme editor, and place the information applicable to all themes at the top, moving the information for creating a mood theme manually to the lower portion of the FAQ.

  • [link] FAQ 78 was updated to indicate that logging into a community is no longer possible.

  • [link] Information about the maximum number of queued posts for moderated communities has been added to FAQ 148. The paragraph also addresses the "maximum posts for community+poster" error.

  • [link] FAQs 78 and 93 updated to specifically state it is not possible to convert a community to a personal journal.

  • [link] FAQ 24 was updated to move the paragraph regarding selecting multiple custom groups out of the web interface section up to the section discussing custom security. The same information was added to the security notes section of FAQ 102.

  • [link] A paragraph was added to FAQ 115 to specifically disclaim that LiveJournal can't help if the LJ servers are sending e-mail messages properly.

  • [link] FAQ100 updated to tell users to use /comm/transfer.bml to regain maintainership of a community, and the bit about giving the new maintainer the password to your community was removed.

New FAQ:

  • [link] FAQ204 added as the first FAQ in the Journal Entries category: "How do I update my journal using the rich text editor?"

As always, if I missed anything or you don't feel an issue you posted about was properly addressed, please post a new top-level entry on the matter so it can be discussed again.

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