Tribeless Nomad (tribelessnomad) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Tribeless Nomad

Back-to-work update

Hi, all.

I now have all the assurances, etc., I needed from Brad to get XML-based documentation moved onto the site. A couple of the new Guides should go live any day now. I have to post about a number of matters in lj_sysdoc, though, before we can really get down to work on the new documentation. opiummmm and I will also be "meeting" (on IRC) ASAP, to discuss his involvement with new server documentation (for programmers and administrators) and how the FAQs will be affected.

Expect to see more structural changes in lj_sysdoc than here, since that community has been very loosely organized until now. However, since the workload will increase greatly in both communities, and both Opi and I will probably be spending more time on lj_sysdoc than before, you guys will have a chance to step up and take more responsibility for affairs here in lj_userdoc. I've already talked with several of you about moving into leadership positions very soon. To fill still more positions, we'll be looking eagerly for volunteers to demonstrate key skills like fact-checking and editing. After Opi and I have talked, we'll post more details about what we're looking for in each specific project.

I intend to split the writing of Guides up into two separate projects: Guides for users, and Guides for volunteers. Priority will go to creating Guides for volunteers and using the results as the centerpiece of a new Volunteer Center (assuming this idea gets approved when I describe it in lj_sysdoc). Among other things, the documents in the Volunteer Center will be a complete "Part" of the new LiveJournal manual, so getting them ready will allow me to demonstrate more quickly what the manual will eventually look like. nilesta is working on preparations for the Volunteer Center, and will draw from Leora's unofficial larch project in doing so.

My thanks to mentuhotep and delusionalangel for stepping in to handle some FAQ change suggestions since I announced my break. And thanks to everyone for keeping the ideas and writing coming. The rest of your posts will be dealt with shortly, but the next couple of days will be taken up mostly with administrative matters.

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