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[site_nav] #86 What is a LiveJournal to-do list? How do I use it?

In this recently created (well, condensed and moved) FAQ, there are references to two limitations based on account type, neither of which provides information for Early Adopter accounts.

In the third paragraph, there is the mention that Paid and Permanent accounts can have an unlimited number of to-do list items, while Free accounts can only have 25. No mention is made of how many items Early Adopters can have.

Also in that paragraph, it states that Free accounts can only use the Public security setting for their to-do list items (thus implying that Paid and Permanent accounts can use all of the security settings). Are Early Adopters allowed to use all of the security settings?

The paragraph in question is this:

Users with Paid or Permanent Accounts can have an unlimited number of to-do list items. Free Accounts can have up to 25 to-do list item, but cannot set the security to anything other than Public. For more information about the different account types, see http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=38.

I would suggest making that paragraph only about the number of to-do list items each account type can have, and moving mention of restrictions on security levels down to the area where it says:

* Security: field allows you to choose who can see this to-do list item. Public allows anyone to see it, Friends allows only the people who are listed on your Friends list to see it, and Private allows only you to see it.

I've caught a few typos in glancing over this: "Free Accounts can have up to 25 to-do list item" (should be items), "Security: field allows you" (probably don't need "field" in there). I can check the whole FAQ and fix those things, convert it to Rho-style™, etc. but it makes more sense to wait until I've got the necessary information about Early Adopters and feedback on whether or not it would be good to move that one piece of information.
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