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FAQ 125 Official journals

This entry discusses FAQ 125 » Which journals are officially sponsored by LiveJournal? The FAQ describes about 30 official communities/journals (with addition of a few more proposed in a recent lj_userdoc entry).

1) There are many journals and communities used for official purposes by staff and volunteers to track important projects and events on the site.
Suggestion: I'm not sure 'events' fits. Perhaps 'important projects and news'? Events is mentioned in 3rd para. too, perhaps the first appearance could be changed?

2) Is it worth including line near top [nr. news.bml] to the effect of 'this shared journal and several other official journals and communities are also available as an RSS feed? Probably wouldn't need to hyperlink that to the 'What is a feed' FAQ if we did include that, as less technically aware users could just add the journal to their default Friends view and not worry about RSS. Meh, FAQs are plaintext anyway so no hyperlinking - but you know what I mean. :)

3) comm_news: Used to describe the current events going on in the LiveJournal world'
However great this idea was, the community is effectively dead; having not ever been widely utilised (members submitting articles etc) during its life to date. On the basis that so far as the community is concerned there's little distinction between dormant/dead. I propose its removal from FAQ 125. Plus, some of its subject area covered now comes under featureannounce (IMO).
Details: Journal entries: 55 (in 4 years - thereabouts). Date updated 2003-03-11 14:35:24, 71 weeks ago.

4) If you wish to join any of the following communities (provided the community is open), please see for instructions.
Suggest: If you wish to join or (for those communities that have closed membership) monitor any of the following communities,  please see for instructions.
The FAQ (#101) mentions joining and monitoring so I think that works better. Although, the part I put in brackets needs work since it could suggest users can monitor only closed comms. My syntax is a bit off in it so if someone has ideas please share. :)

5) Under 'These journals are used to inform the site's users of important events, features, and changes to the site':
+ 'the site's' seems redundant?
+ suggest featureannounce added here. Probably as first item in list. With desc. 'Announcements and summaries of changes to LiveJournal, including new features, bug fixes, and various other modifications'. Or something. I'm guessing it's official? jproulx?
+ news: Important announcements of site information and changes. Posting is closed to staff members only. Anyone can watch it by adding it to their Friends page.
Last sentence seems redundant as all other desc's. of communities listed only mention posting access. Propose remove last sentence.
+ lj_nifty: Nifty undocumented and underdocumented features and/or occurrences on LiveJournal can be posted about here.
Suggest ', features and/or...'. Occurrences sounds odd to me at the moment too but I can't think of a better word.

6) Under 'The following journals are used mainly to discuss ways to improve the site and help its users.', I think these were added over time as the sequence is... a little odd in places. It seems partly alphabetical too. Suggestions follow [I left out comm_news ;)] with a couple of re-word proposals indicated by plus signs (e.g. I've grouped all the dev comms together preceded by non-code related contributory comms):

* lj_biz: Focused on business matters relating to LiveJournal.

* helpscreening: For anyone interested in volunteering in the Support area ( Intended as a place where people without Support privileges can post and ask questions to get advice and feedback.

* lj_support: Used by Support volunteers to discuss problems users are facing around the site. Reading this community is required for those who volunteer in Support, as policy changes and other important information is posted here. Posting access is limited to those with Support privileges.

* lj_abuse: Closed community restricted to the members of the Abuse Team at LiveJournal. Information on joining the Abuse Team can be found in the User Info for the community.

* lj_art: For those interested in creating artwork specifically related to, as indicated in the User Info for the community.

* userpics: For volunteers who help other users create and edit user picture icons to discuss issues and post newly requested icons.

* lj_translate: General discussion of the LiveJournal translation system and issues with the system. More specific translation communities can be found at

* suggestions: Community for users to post their ideas on how to improve the site in any way. See for more information about how to best make a suggestion. To learn more about the suggestions process, see --
++ Suggest remove ‘To learn more about the suggestions process, see’. since users will (presumably!) see that page if they go to the user info page anyway)

* lj_dev: Specifically used for the discussion of LiveJournal-specific development.

* goathack: Support area for and updates to the status of the Goathack project

* lj_clients: Solely for discussions about LiveJournal client software.

* lj_everywhere: For those interested in starting their own LiveJournal instance or making LiveJournal more attractive to developers, or developers who wish to make LiveJournal more useful to the outside world. 

* lj_style: Concerns the LiveJournal style system and its discussion as well as the presentation of new styles, potentially for system use.
++ Suggest: Discussion of the LiveJournal style system, plus the presentation of new styles, potentially for system use.

* lj_syndication: For discussing the development of LiveJournal's syndication features. 

* lj_textmessage: Devoted to the development and enhancement of the text-messaging system on LiveJournal. 

* howto: Contains tutorials on customizing the journals of both paid and free users using overrides and styles using the S1 style system.

* s2howto: Contains tutorials on customizing the journals of both paid and free users using the S2 style system. 

* community_promo: Used to advertise new communities and help users find communities that they may be interested in based on their interests.
++ Suggest: Used to advertise new communities and help users find new communities that they may be interested in.

* community_quest: Closely related to community_promo; used to request the names of communities that already exist if they cannot be found in community_promo.

* syn_promo: Promotes the subscription of syndicated RSS feeds on LiveJournal. Similar to community_promo. 

6.1) I don’t know if syn_quest is official also and should be added?

Comments? Mongooses?

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