Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan



[link] FAQ62 re-organized to make things easier to fine

[link] FAQ72 updated to say that <span> is an allowable tag

[link] FAQ171 updated with links to s2haven and s2component

[link] FAQ60 completely overhauled and re-titled to "What are interests? How do I add or remove them?"

[link] * [link] FAQ206 added: "What are user picture comments? How do I give credit for a user picture?" in the userpics category

[link] FAQ125 updated to remove comm_news (RIP), added syn_quest and featureannounce, updated description for lj_nifty

[link] FAQ79 updated to say that users can join closed comms by invitation

[link] FAQ72 updated to say that subjects and current mood/music are limited in the tags they allow.

[link] FAQ1 updated to say you can edit userpic comments at editpics.bml

[link] * [link] FAQ95 updated to reference usage of userpic comments and that there is a limit of 5 keywords per picture

[link] * [link] FAQ148 updated to say that userpic comments can be 120 chars long, and 5 keywords per userpic limits

If I've missed anything, please make a new top-level post. Thanks. :)

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