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FAQ #57

FAQ Question #57 » How can I help?

* Purchase a Paid Account ( The benefits alone are worth the contribution.
Suggest change to: Purchase a Paid Account for yourself or as a gift for someone else. [then rest]. Best not to mention extra userpics as that would only complicate things as they need a paid account.

Next, insert point about the store. E.g.:
Be mobile with LiveJournal - pick up LiveJournal Clothing at the Store:
Cheesy? Moi?

There are also a number of volunteer projects that users can join:
Projects just sounds finite to me. :-/ So I want to change it. :)
Suggested: There are also a number of areas in which volunteers can participate:.

Translation part:
Note that because parts of the site, particularly the FAQs, are updated frequently, even translations that are far along need regular updates.
Comes across to me as too specific to support. Suggest:
Since parts of the site - particularly documentation - are updated frequently, even translations that are far along need regular updates.

Maintenance of FAQ documentation section. Fine but suggest add similar for

Test server part. Whenever new features are implemented on the test server, an entry will be posted in lj_test; then you can test this new feature, and if you find problems, comment on the entry in lj_test.
Italicised text is nicely written but I suggest it's removed since it's duplicated in the community user info that's linked to.

LiveJournal developers can discuss their latest projects in the lj_dev community (
I think it needs rewording. 'LiveJournal developers' implies infers [meh] suggests somehow a title. As if you have to do something in order to be allowed to become one.
Suggest: Volunteers contributing to development for LiveJournal can discuss their latest projects and interact with other volunteers in the lj_dev community (
That's kinda wordy though. But something along those lines. I also strongly believe this should be placed before the test server item as it's primary rather than secondary (though QA comes after development they're obviously linked).

* Help out with LiveJournal artwork at the LiveJournal Art Gallery ( If you see anything there that you would be willing to help us out with, let us know by commenting right in that entry!
Regardless of whether can post in that community soliciting artwork for particular areas that hasn't been done for a very long time. Should it re-commence people will comment on entries if they're monitoring the community. Suggest:
* Help out with artwork for the LiveJournal site and interface at the LiveJournal Art Gallery (

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