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FAQ Updates

I added Further Reading sections to these FAQs as appropriate, unless otherwise stated. As always, feel free to repost if something was missed or overlooked.

[link] FAQ 82 was updated to remove the info about logging in as a community, and also remove the Admin Console example that uses gooner's name.

[link] FAQ 57 was updated for general clean-up and clarification. I kept the FAQ references in the text instead of in a Further Reading section, because the links seemed important to the text of the FAQ.

[link] FAQ 2 was updated to move the paragraph about the Unicode error towards the bottom of the FAQ.

[link] FAQ 204 was updated to move links in a Further Reading section, and therefore making it more apparent that you shouldn't use HTML in the Rich Text editor.

[link] FAQ 187 was updated to fix the link to the email posting with a PGP key page. Also, a patch has been added to fix the text on emailpost.bml.

[link] FAQ 183 was updated to change the title to say "phone post" instead of "audio post".

[link] FAQ 64 updated to say that you can delete a mood theme with the editor, but not with the Admin Console.

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