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Mat Scales

FAQ 131 [paid accounts]

After looking at this support request - - it seems that it would be a good idea to explain that a paid community does not have all of the benefits of a paid personal journal.

I'm not sure how it works in the US, but if LiveJournal was based in the UK they could be sued for false advertising :/

So, I think FAQ 131 should mention that some of the paid account features only apply to personal accounts.

Here is the proposed new text:

» What are the paid account benefits?

Paid users keep LiveJournal in business. To show appreciation for users who have made contributions, there are a number of features that are only available to Paid Accounts.

All paid accounts can access these features:

* Ability to create S1 custom styles and have exact control over your journal's layout (

* Access to additional styles in the S2 style system (

* Ability to use all options in the S2 customisation wizards (

* Access to S2's Advanced Customisation area (

* Ability to create custom mood themes (

* 15 user picture icons, rather than the 3 allowed to free users (

* Ability to purchase an additional 35 user pictures (

* Ability to insert polls into your LiveJournal entries (

* Access to the complete range of options for embedding your journal into your home page (

* A e-mail forwarding address (

* A personalised subdomain name ( in addition to the standard
(Note: Do not include www. in the subdomain URL; this will cause you to receive an error message. If your username contains underscores, you may need to change the underscores to dashes to use your personalised subdomain.)

* Ability to set up domain forwarding, so that your domain points to your LiveJournal (

* Access to the text messaging feature (

* Access to your Friends of Friends list (

The following features only apply to personal paid accounts, and cannot be accessed using a paid community:

* Access to the Directory of LiveJournal users (

* Ability to create new syndicated accounts (

* Ability to post by e-mail (

* Ability to post by phone (

* Ability to get comments you post e-mailed to you (

* Ability to view popular users amongst your friends (

In all of these descriptions, "exampleusername" refers to your unique LiveJournal username.

For information on purchasing a Paid Account, see For information on buying a Paid Account for someone else as a gift, see For information on what happens when your Paid Account expires, see

Though I could be wrong about which features belong in which list.

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