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[about] 125 - Sponsored LiveJournals

    For example, the News journal ( is a closed shared journal to which only staff may belong, but anyone can and should watch it, because its entries announce events and issues that are relevant to the entire LiveJournal community.

I have a problem with the use of the news.bml link in this paragraph in 125. I only use news.bml when talking about catch-all situations where "one or more of the official news journals" need to be referred to.

As all of the other journals linked to from news.bml are actually mentioned and linked to in 125 anyway (except lj_test - would someone like to write a paragraph about that?), I believe the link should be changed to directly link to news's userinfo page. Thoughts?

Edit 16:23: Now I'm back and re-reading the rest of this FAQ, a few other things spring to mind. (Please note that the first two comments to this entry do not reflect this edit, and should not be regarded as an agreement to this section.)
  • helpscreening's description as "a place where people without Support privileges can post and ask questions to get advice and feedback" is misleading. The community isn't just for screened volunteers, interims post there too if not to support_interim. I also believe the description should clarify that advice and feedback will only be given on your answers or other support policies, and that policy clarifications and helpful hints on how to respond to issues are also posted there by supporthelps.

  • "* howto: Contains tutorials on customizing the journals of both paid and free users using overrides and styles using the S1 style system." Wow, that sentence looks icky. Barring objections, I'll reword it (similarly for the s2howto description) to (Edit 19:15) "Contains tutorials on how to customize the journals of both paid and free users, using overrides and custom styles within the S1 style system."
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