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FAQ 61 Draft

Seeing as FAQ 61 is on my list of assigned FAQs to simplify/modify, rho contacted me about modifying it according to recent discussions and simplifying it in the process. I am also posting this here because there are changes that require The Huddled Masses to look over and discuss as opposed to exlusively simplification-related changes. I included a list of the modifications I made, as is custom with our policies elsewhere, so you can disregard it if it confuses or annoys you. :) All input is welcome and encouraged.

FAQ 61: What is LiveJournal's Friends system? How do I use it?


LiveJournal uses a system of "Friends" as part of the community element of the site. You can list people as your friends, and their usernames will then show up on your userinfo page. The friends system also allows you to view a single page containing the recent entries of all the people you list as friends. You can access this page at, replacing "exampleusename" with any username.

Customizing your journal's style will affect how your friends page displays as well. Among other things, you can customize how many journal entries appear on each page of your friends page. However, your friends page will only display the last two weeks of friends' entries.


Listing people as friends also allows you to control who can read your entries. You can create and manage custom friends groups. These groups can either be filtered to when posting to your journal or when reading your friends page. Likewise, you can post journal entries exclusively to those users on your friends list. Other LiveJournal features, such as commenting, default comment screening, polls, text messaging, memories, viewing contact information, and more can be adjusted based on your friends list.


To edit your friends using the web interface, go to

You can remove a listed friend by checking the "Delete?" box before saving your changes.

To add Friends and set up foreground and background colors, scroll down to the section of the page labeled "Add Friends". These optional colors will be associated with specific users or communities on your friends page. You can set a background color, a foreground color, or both for any journal on your friends list. Then, depending on the style your journal is using, the specified colors will display whenever any entry posted in these journals appears on your friends page.


Many clients available for download include the ability to manage your Friends list. For more information on your preferred client, see its documentation or its menu options.


Usernames that appear in bold text when you view your own User Info page or someone else's are those who are on your Friends list. Likewise, usernames that appear in bold on your own 'Friend of' list are those who have added you to their Friends list and are also on your own Friends list.

Usernames with lines or strikes through them are those whose journals were deleted or suspended.

There is also an option on called "Display mutual friends on profile page." If you select this option, people whom you list as a friend and who also list you as a friend will be put on a separate list on your User Information page.

You also have the ability to hide your "Friend of" and "Member of" lists. Hiding these lists will not affect whether or not your "Mutual Friends" list is displayed, if you have it enabled.


What is the auto-add Friends link on the User Info page?

How do I control who can read my journal entries? What are security settings?

What are custom friends groups? How do I use them?

Can I remove people from my "Friend Of" list?

How do I customize the look of my journal or community?

How do I change the number of journal entries per page?

What is a downloadable client? Where can I get one?

How do I control who can post comments in my journal?

What is comment screening? How do I set my screening options?

How do I add a poll to a journal entry?

How does the text messaging feature work?

What are "Memories"? How do I use this feature?

Edit: As per rho's comment, I've rearranged a bunch of stuff and added a bunch more stuff. Not documenting these changes because I don't wanna. :)

Changes Made
  1. Changed FAQ title from "How do I manage my Friends list?" to "What is LiveJournal's Friends system? How do I use it?"
  2. Added introduction blurb [link].
  3. Moved links to FAQ 24 and FAQ 41 to FURTHER READING.
  4. Removed "You can also add users to your Friends list by visiting their User Info pages and using the "Add Friend" button on the toolbar (" because it is restating information found in FAQ 41, which is linked in FURTHER READING.
  5. Replaced "[...] are struck through [...]" with "[...] have a line through them [...]" because it sounds less awkward and is more simple. I had to read the first version twice before it registered in my brain.
  6. Moved link to FAQ 185 to FURTHER READING.
  7. Moved mutual friends paragraph above hiding friend-of/member-of list paragraph and added "Hiding these lists will not affect whether or not your 'Mutual Friends' list is displayed, if you have it enabled."
  8. Changed "[...] the Personal Info page ( [...]" to "[...] [...]". Extraneous.
  9. Moved links to FAQ 102 and FAQ 158 to FURTHER READING.
  10. Changed "[...] consult [...]" to "[...] see [...]".


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