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FAQ Updates, Aug. 5 to Present

  • [link] Title of FAQ 184 changed to "How do I play a phone post? What are Ogg Vorbis files (.ogg)?"

  • [link] FAQs 5 and 38 combined into a new version of FAQ 38, "What are the different account types?" FAQ 56 rewritten to make it much more useful for users who don't have a clue what LiveJournal is.

  • [link] FAQ 119 updated with new, revised text, making it clearer and more concise. Title was changed to "How do I edit or delete an entry in a community?"

  • [link] FAQ 131 updated to list which features are available to all paid accounts, and which do not apply to paid community accounts.

  • [link] FAQ 80 updated to remove a confusing sentence instructing maintainers of a closed community to change to a moderated or open community to add members. Sentence was replaced with a suggestion that they invite the user.

  • [link] Title of FAQ 14 changed to "Why can't I use scripting languages (such as JavaScript) or embed objects (such as Flash) on LiveJournal?" to clarify what the FAQ covers.

  • [link] A redundant link to FAQ 2 was removed from FAQ 40. During the edit, the FAQ was also changed to "further reading" format.

  • [link] In FAQ 125, the link to /news.bml was replaced with a link to the userinfo page for news.

  • [link] The paragraph in FAQ 104 stating that you can provide the links to your journal to friends or put them in profiles, but also disclaiming LiveJournal Support's responsibility for assisting with such, has been removed.

  • [link] FAQ 156 was changed to basically state that comment times are not consistent across journals, and also vary by style system.

  • [link] A few sentences explaining the restrictions on /tools/emailmanage.bml were added to FAQ 19.

As always, if you feel that any of the changes you have proposed since the last update weren't handled, please make a new top-level entry to bring the issue up for discussion again.

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