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[site-nav] What are the options when I log in?

A couple of weeks ago, rho posted and asked if someone would re-write FAQ #135 to cover more information about logging in, as well as what's already there. I was going to write this, but after staring at it for a long while I realized that the problem is I don't understand the content well enough to re-write the existing FAQ. So, does anyone who does understand it want to take a stab at this?

What I intended to add was a section at the beginning which briefly explains the benefits of logging in, then gives a link to the login page (both regular and no JavaScript) and mentions the login form on site pages (only in XColibur and Dystopia). It might also be nice to mention that you can login while performing specific tasks on LiveJournal, such as submitting your username and password to post a comment. However, my personal preference would be to only include this if it can be clearly explained and flow well with the rest of the FAQ, rather than just causing more clutter.

The section about using ! and < to set options while logging in is really confusing, because it's all crammed together. My suggestion would be to trim it down like this:

For example, if the user exampleusername wants to log in, all of the following entries in the "Username" field are possible:

exampleusername (Log in, using default options)
exampleusername! (Log in, setting "Expiration" to "Never")
exampleusername< (Log in, setting "Bind to IP address" to "Yes")
exampleusername!< or exampleusername<! (Log in, setting "Expiration" to "Never" and "Bind to IP address" to "Yes")

The blank line between the colon and the first "exampleusername" sets that list of options apart better. Also, I don't think we need to say "Log in exampleusername" in all those places, as it can be assumed that putting a specific username into the login form will log in that username, and not some other one.

The bit about problems staying logged in can be removed, as that FAQ link should go in the Further Reading section. Some other Further Reading links I'd include would be:

What is the "Expire all my sessions" option when I log out?

How do I choose a secure password? How do I keep my account secure?

Why do I receive an "invalid cookies" error, and how can I fix it?
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