Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_userdoc,

status of the userpics community

don't panic

things have been slack and dead of late in the userpics community but that has been outside of my control. that said, i'm not going to make excuses.

we have a team of new volunteers now who are willing and ready. i have already updated the FAQ with their userinfo links and i am in the process of updating the userpics guide that was started to reflect the current situation. i'm giving the new volunteers membership and posting privileges so things can get rolling. tribelessnomad has had some revisions of the userpic faq sitting around for quite some time: now that there are new members and some changes have taken place i will have to re-write some sections and give them back to him for reviewing and formatting and so on. [i think?]

the matter of the small galleries of sample userpics for each volunteer can be taken up at some other time. i will be hosting these pages on my own site/server and it is relatively stable most of the time [except for now due to hardware failure but that will be fixed in the next few days] so that should not be a problem...

i realise this isn't a strictly userdoc oriented topic but i thought i should post this somewhere "official" so the word can get around.

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