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FAQ changes due to new update.bml/editjournal.bml pages

  • Changed title of FAQ 26 to "What does the "Text Formatting" option do?" and updated text to reflect new "Text Formatting" option.

  • Changed title of FAQ 91 to "What is the "Entry is backdated" option? How do I use it?" and updated text to reflect the new name of the option.

  • Changed text of FAQ 32 to reflect new layout of mood and music fields.

  • Changed FAQ 2 to reflect new titles of action buttons at the bottom. Added text to explain spell-check and preview from editjournal.bml.

  • Removed link to "full mode" from FAQ 95, and also updated text to reflect new title of UPI drop-down.

  • Changed FAQ 24 to reflect the new title of the security level drop-down and remove link to "full mode".

  • Changed FAQ 76 to remove link to "full mode" and update the title of the drop-down to select journal to post in.

  • Changed FAQ 119 to reflect new names for the buttons on editjournal.bml; also added text explaining how to preview and spell-check while editing. Also, clarified that you must be the author of the entry to delete by removing all the text and clicking "save entry".

  • Removed link to "full mode" from FAQs 158, 104, 148, 207, and 62.

  • Removed link to "full mode" from FAQ 102, and updated the title of the security level drop-down.

  • Replaced example URLs in FAQ 132 (which went to update.bml?mode=full) with links to userinfo.bml?user=exampleusername. Still illustrates the same point.

    If you see any addtional FAQs that need to be updated to reflect the new pages, please make a new top-level post to the community.
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