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FAQ 134 - comments - suggested addition

Suggested addition to the first paragraph of FAQ 134, "What is comment screening? How do I set my screening options?":

Comment screening is a method of preventing abuse, which allows account holders to control the circumstances under which comments that are left in their journals are visible to their readers. It is not intended as a way for you to have private or protected conversations in comments. If you do not want the comments you post to be visible to anyone who can see the entry they are posted to, it is suggested that you use a more private method of communication such as instant messages or e-mail.

This is prompted by several recent requests where users are apparently trying to use screening as a way to have "private" or "me-and-the-person-I'm-replying-to-only" comments, and they come to the board shocked when the comment they replied to was unscreened.

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