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[syn] How can I get an RSS feed of my Friends Page?

This is a Frequently Asked Question, so I think it should be mentioned in the FAQs—either in a FAQ of its own or possibly in FAQ 149 "Where can I get an RSS or Atom feed of my journal?".

This is complicated a bit by the fact that there is no official feature to do so; in support requests, we typically point paid users to a workaround submitted by a user involving a custom style, but I'm not sure whether this sort of thing can go in the FAQ (compare renaming to a purged account, which we'll explain in support but which is not documented in FAQs).

If we choose option (a), though, then the title could be "Is it possible to get an RSS or Atom feed of my journal" with the answer starting off "No". If option (b), the title could be changed to "Where can I get an RSS or Atom feed of my journal or my friends page?" and there could be a paragraph saying it's supported for journals but not for friends pages.

If we do document the lj_nifty workaround, it might make sense to include FAQs 128 and 177 in the "FURTHER READING" section (the ones on creating S1 and S2 custom styles, respectively).

Buh, wibble. The main reason I can't make a good suggestion is because I don't know how much assistance with non-official things we want to give in FAQs. But I do feel rather strongly that there should be something in there—even if it's only "sorry, no can do—but RSS feeds are meant to be aggregated, so just add the feeds for all your 347 friends to your aggregator, bwahahaha".

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