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FAQ Updates (10/16 - 10/22)

Here's this week's FAQ updates. It includes everything since the last smackdown except the most recent entry (since it was only posted today).

As always, comment if there's any issues with these changes, or post a new entry if you want to suggest a different/big change.

[link] FAQ 210 updated to say that a HOSTS file can be used to block access to sites (instead of implying that it is only used for that purpose).

[link] FAQ 205's title changed to "How do I view shared journal and community user pictures on my Friends page?".

[link] FAQ 120's headings changed slightly to further distinguish between setting minsecurity for a personal journal vs. setting it for a community.

[link] FAQ 78's first paragraph was reworded to make it clearer that you should not create your community account as a personal account first.

[link] FAQ 134's first paragraph was changed to make it clear that you should not use screened comments to have private conversations with people, and that replying to a screened comment will unscreen it.

[link] FAQ 148 updated to separate password limitations from username limitations, and to slightly reword the sentence about moderation queue errors.

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