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FAQ Updates!

  • [link] FAQ 208 updated to link to FAQ 67 and explain that you might be able to use HTML to make a link in your IM profile, but if it doesn't work, go see your IM service. Also, the FAQ was converted to the Further Reading format.

  • [link] FAQ 119 updated to add that you must currently have posting access to a community in order to edit or delete an entry you posted there. Also, FAQ 101 was added to the Further Reading section, as it explains how to get posting access.

  • [link] FAQ 7 separated into three sections, "Using Style System 1", "Using Style System 2", and "Adding a title or subtitle to your journal or friends page". The order of the information presented has been changed to S1->S2->titles, to reflect both the order of the Further Reading section and the language-logic of doing S1 then S2 (it sounds silly the other way 'round).

  • [link] [link] FAQ 62 was updated to remove wording that referenced the "full mode" of the Update Journal page. Also, some wording was changed to remove a reference to entry security levels.

  • [link] FAQ 104 was updated to add a reference to the subdomain URL form, along with the appropriate underscore disclaimers. FAQ 131 was added to the list of things you can do after you create your journal.

  • [link] A paragraph was added to FAQ 210 that addresses font-size setting issues in user's web browsers.

    I should have commented to any suggestions which were not implemented. If I didn't, please re-post your suggestion so it can be discussed adequately.
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      FAQ260 still mentions that the last ten Virtual Gifts received are displayed on your Profile page.

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