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LiveJournal 'Download a Client' page contains links to a number of clients. This entry lists updates for that page (and the subpages).
  • Visions Client
    Line to be added under 'Description':
    Note: This client is no longer being actively developed.
    Sidenote: My thanks to Tim Yardley for his time earlier today, his confirming the product is no longer in active development and that he is okay with this line being added.

  • LiveJournal Sherlock Plugin
    by 22dip
    Link to page is now a 404 not found. Also, the username of developer is a deleted and purged account. Suggest this entry entirely removed from the downloads page(s).

  • HBlogger
    Homepage now needs changing to:

  • KLuJe Client
    Change: "Journal: Watch kluje for updates."
    to "Journal: Watch kluje for support/updates."
    Sidenote: Thanks to both developers for their time and their confirming the status of the client. Text change is because this is a special case in that although the developers aren't actively working on it, it is supported through the community (there is a relative lack of KDE clients out there) & patches for it are applied by the developers as and when they're sent in by other people.
My check of the other clients suggests all of the rest of them are still ongoing.

Suggested Additions

w.bloggar is freeware, mentioned by bradfitz in lj_dev here. In terms of those clients that can handle a range of blog systems, ecto and MarsEdit are probably the other main players in the field. Both of those are (30 day trial) shareware though.
  • w.bloggar
    Name: w.bloggar
    Description: A Windows client for blogging, which allows offline editing for later publishing and many post and template customizations.
    Home Page:

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